We have developed AUDIT SIMULATION GAMES for internal auditors to pick up auditing skills in a fun way. The GAME can also be used as tool for internal training.

Game 1 : Investigation in Manyfraud Tampines Pte Ltd

  • This game is a simulation of an investigation case where the participants need to investigate a whistle blowing compalaint, prove or disprove the fraudulent activities and find out who the suspect of a fraud is. There are various crues and tips within the case where the participants need to crack and find.

Game 2 : Perfoming an Audit in Wikcontrol TPY Pte Ltd

  • This game is simulation of an internal audit project where the participants will manage the project from end to end. Various challenges are luring at the corners and the participants need to overcome the obstacle one after another.

Game 3 : 调查淡滨尼有限公司中的舞弊

  • 这个游戏模拟了一个调查案例,参与者需要调查举报信中的指控,证明或反驳指控,并找出舞弊的嫌疑人。 游戏中有各种的情节和提示供参与者查找。