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Training Package for SME

We have Training Packages for Corporations and SME in Singapore. The company pay a package price and will entitle to enjoy multiple courses and other benefits, including access to our proprietary systems and consultation hour with our trainers. For a LIMITED TIME only, we offer followinng three promotional packages:

**AXEL Recommends**
Package Basic Essential Standard Premium
Price (per year) SGD 1,000 SGD1,500 SGD2,500 SGD3,500
Number of Saturday course eligible per year* 3 3 6 6
Number of weekday course eligible per year+ - 2 4 6
Number of pax eligible per course^ 1 1 2 3
Access to resource material 3 categories 5 categories All categories All categories
Access to AXEL Solutions# 3 users for 6 month 5 users for 1 year 10 users for 1 year 10 users for 2 year
In-person Consultation No 1 hour 3 hours 8 hours
Phone Consultation No No Yes Yes
Select Select Select Select
  • * These refer to the courses held on Saturday.
  • + The maximum number of confirmed weekday (Mon-Fri) courses that the participant can attend.
  • ^ The maxium number of participants from the same company to attend the same course.
  • # The AXEL Audit Solution will only be ready by year 2020
  • The above promotional package is on limited time only. The company reserve the rights to amend the term and conditions.