AFI101Data Analytics For Fraud Detection, Prevention and Investigation


This course will expose the participants to various quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques to detect fraud and errors. Participants will also learn how to use data analytics to add value to organizations, as well as gain insight into digital forensics and digital surveillance.


Course Fee SGD 580
Course Duration 1 Day
Course Timing 9:00am - 5:00pm
Course Venue M Hotel or similar
SDF Approved NA
Skills Future Credit NA
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With today intensive use of integrated systems storing gigantic amount of financial and non-financial data, hardly can any accounting, auditing or investigation work be conducted without data analysis. Valuable evidence may be staring at the accountant and auditor but not picked up if they do not know how to mine and connect the seemingly unrelated data to make sense out of it. The irreversible trend of Big Data and pressure to remain competitive have compel organization to make use of data analysis and continuous monitoring to understand business trend and consumer behaviours, as well as to detect fraud.

Knowing how to pick up data profile and pattern in data analysis to identify red flags have become indispensable skills of today accountant and auditors. Knowing what tool to use to acquire admissible digital evidence and how to search through pile of electronic files and email certainly is a must have skill for today’s auditors. This course will expose the participants to various data analysis techniques, tools and templates in the conduct of audit or investigation.

A data analysis tool will be given FREE to participants of this course for self-use.

On completion of this program participants will:

  • Acquire the overall concept of data analysis in detecting fraud
  • Better equipped to identify irregularities in data trend and data profile
  • Able to perform qualitative data analysis
  • Understand rules governing digital evidence, digital forensic and online investigation
  • Understand about procedures in digital forensic and continuous monitoring
  • Gain knowledge on common detection techniques of fraud/ wrongdoing

1. Data Analysis – Overview

  • What is data analysis?
  • Three Reason Data Analysis is Must
  • Data Analysis in Auditing vs Investigation
  • What can Data Analysis do and can’t

2. Common Analysis Procedures

  • Financial Ratio, Variance, Percentage, Aging, Average
  • Common analysis functions
  • Filter / Sort/ Join / Append/ Pivot/ Trend / Regression / Ratio
  • Vlookup/ Eye-lookup/ Grouping/ Summarization/ Stratification

3. Two type of Data Analysis

  • Quantitative – Sorting, Category, Relationship, Profiling
  • Qualitative – Contextual, Behavioural

4. Performing Data Analysis

  • Gap analysis
  • Duplicate analysis
  • Fuzzy duplicate
  • Orphan transactions
  • Timing analysis
  • Limit and Reasonableness
  • Trend and Outlier
  • Unwanted match
  • Aging, Stratification, Sampling

5. Performing Data Profiling

  • Frequency tests
  • Intensity tests
  • High risk tests
  • Relative Size tests
  • Digit Frequency tests (Benford)
  • Concentration test (GEL)

6. Performing contextual and behaviour qualitative analysis

  • Key words
  • Content (file, picture), Behaviour Profile
  • Online Presence & Social Media
  • Digital Forensic and Data Acquisition

7. OLAF Approach in Data Analysis

  • Object Locate Analyse Follow
  • Understand “Miscarriage of Justice” and “Impurity of Finding”

8. Successful Implementation of Data analysis

  • 3M methodology - Train the Captain, Draw up the Map, Train will Come
  • Understand Critical Thinking, Logical Reasoning
  • Accounting and Commercial Knowledge
  • Data Analysis Tool – Generic vs Specific

9. Implementing Continuous Monitoring and Digital Surveillance

  • Monitoring software
  • Digital forensic acquisition
  • Social engineering

10. Beyond Data analysis and Digital Forensic – What Next?

  • Finding confirmation
  • Determine root cause
  • Develop Hypothesis
  • Move on to interview and interrogation
  • Anyone who interested in doing data analysis and digital investigation
  • CFO, Financial controllers, finance manager and accountant
  • Procurement and HR professionals
  • Auditor, audit manager, forensic auditor,
  • Compliance and internal control professional

Presentation, group discussion, and case study. Multimedia, game and templates sharing

Kent Hoh

Kent Hoh

Kent Hoh is a prolific trainer in audit, fraud investigation, corporate governance, personal effectiveness, blockchain technology and big data. He has over 20 years’ experience in leading internal audit and forensic investigation functions of MNC in the region and globally. Kent Hoh has also spearheaded several roles in financial management, compliance and corporate governance of technology company. Kent has conducted numerous audit and investigation projects in Americas, Asia and Europe including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Germany, USA, etc. Some of these projects involved hundreds of million dollars fraud scheme and syndicated crimes.

Kent holds a master’s degree in business Admin (MBA), Graduate Diploma in Business, Bachelor of Law (Hons), and a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons). Kent Hoh is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). He possesses the qualifications of the UK Chartered Secretary and Administrator (ICSA), Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA), Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) and Certified Bitcoin Expert (CBIE).

Kent Hoh has been an active trainer for large corporations, SME and non-profit-organizations such as Institute of Internal Audit (IIA) Singapore, IIA Malaysia, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, Malaysia Institute of Accountants, China IIA, China Enterprise Anti-fraud Alliance, Enterprise Financial Management Association of China. Kent Hoh is also an adjunct lecturer for universities and college in Singapore, Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, China. As an enthusiast in cryptocurrency and a bitcoin mining farm investor, Kent researched heavily into this revolutionized Blockchain technology. He teaches fundamental blockchain and cryptocurrency at various institutions in China.

Currently, Kent Hoh serves as the Vice President of Internal Audit in an SGX listed company. As a strong believer that knowledge sharing create synergy, Kent is very passionate in sharing his experience. He capitalizes his free time conducting training classes and workshops.

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