AFI119CIA Exam Part 2 Prep Course


This course aims to provide participants complete knowledge and skills needed to attempt the CIA Part 2 Exam. The course is specifically designed to reinforce all critical topics covered in the exam. The course will build fundamental understanding of key concepts ensuring participants can handle all type of exam questions.


Course Fee SGD 800
Course Duration 2 Days
Course Timing 9:00am - 5:00pm
Course Venue 190 Clemenceau Avenue
SDF Approved NA
Skills Future Credit NA
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This course aims to provide participants complete knowledge and skills needed to attempt CIA Part 2 Exam. The course is specifically designed to reinforce all critical topics cover in the exam. The course will build fundamental understanding to key concepts ensuring participants can handle all type of exam questions. Most importantly, participants will build exam-confidence by familiarize with the format and style of the exam through thorough practicing of exam questions. The participants will also learn real-life auditing scenarios so that their knowledge base is also can be applied in actual internal audit work.

Taking CIA part 2 exam is the continuation of Part 1 test, and bring the auditors one step closer to being certified. To be recognized as a competent internal auditor, CIA is the certificate every internal auditors need to acquire. CIA is the gold standard of attestation of internal auditor competency and work quality. This is as if a “QC pass” stamped on the auditor's resume.

During the course, the participant will have chance to understand the concept of key topics, practice exam questions, acquire the tips to handle test questions, and will receive a printed course material and have access to question banks. In this course, key concepts and historically often tested areas, real-life practical application and practice questions will be covered.

In line with the change in the CIA exam syllabi in 2019, this course will offer a revised holistic and structured training course to prepare participants for the exam. Starting Jan 2019, IIA Global change the syllabi of CIA exam. Part of the exam modifications involved redistributing the content between each part to minimize overlap.

The topic covered and the coverage % are stated below.

I. Managing the Internal Audit Activity 20%) II. Planning the Engagement (29%) III. Performing the Engagement (40%) IV. Communication Engagement Results and Monitoring progress (20%)

The CIA exam Part 2 includes four domains focused on managing the internal audit activity, planning the engagement, performing the engagement, and communicating engagement results and monitoring progress. Part 2 tests candidates’ knowledge, skills, and abilities particularly related to Performance Standards (series 2000, 2200, 2300, 2400, 2500, and 2600) and current internal audit practices.

Programme Outline 1. Managing the Internal Audit Activity a. Internal Audit Operation b. Establishing a Risk Base Internal Audit Plan c. Communicating and Report to Senior Management and the Board

  1. Managing the Engagement a. Engagement Planning

  2. Performing the Engagement a. Information Gathering b. Analysis and Evaluation c. Engagement Supervision

  3. Performing Communicate Engagement Result and Monitoring Progress a. Communicating Engagement Results and the Acceptance of Risk b. Monitoring Progress

  • First time Internal Auditor
  • Experienced Internal Auditors who would like to refresh his/ her understanding
  • Any internal auditors who seek professional development and certification in CIA

Lecture, discussion, exam question practice

Kent Hoh

Kent Hoh

Kent Hoh is a prolific trainer in audit, fraud investigation, corporate governance, personal effectiveness, blockchain technology and big data. He has over 20 years’ experience in leading internal audit and forensic investigation functions of MNC in the region and globally. Kent Hoh has also spearheaded several roles in financial management, compliance and corporate governance of technology company. Kent has conducted numerous audit and investigation projects in Americas, Asia and Europe including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Germany, USA, etc. Some of these projects involved hundreds of million dollars fraud scheme and syndicated crimes.

Kent holds a master’s degree in business Admin (MBA), Graduate Diploma in Business, Bachelor of Law (Hons), and a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons). Kent Hoh is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). He possesses the qualifications of the UK Chartered Secretary and Administrator (ICSA), Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA), Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) and Certified Bitcoin Expert (CBIE).

Kent Hoh has been an active trainer for large corporations, SME and non-profit-organizations such as Institute of Internal Audit (IIA) Singapore, IIA Malaysia, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, Malaysia Institute of Accountants, China IIA, China Enterprise Anti-fraud Alliance, Enterprise Financial Management Association of China. Kent Hoh is also an adjunct lecturer for universities and college in Singapore, Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, China. As an enthusiast in cryptocurrency and a bitcoin mining farm investor, Kent researched heavily into this revolutionized Blockchain technology. He teaches fundamental blockchain and cryptocurrency at various institutions in China.

Currently, Kent Hoh serves as the Vice President of Internal Audit in an SGX listed company. As a strong believer that knowledge sharing create synergy, Kent is very passionate in sharing his experience. He capitalizes his free time conducting training classes and workshops.

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