Over the years, our trainers have hosted numerous workshops in the region, including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Maldives, Dubai, Hongkong and various cities in Mainland China. The workshops were attended by auditors, finance professionals, compliance officers, HR practitioners, procurement officers, law enforcement officers, judgers, lawyer, company directors, and university professors and senior executives from MNC, SME, and government agencies.

Selection of testimonials by the participants attended workshops conducted by our trainers are listed here.

Trainer is very knowledgeable and competent.

Participant for the Course: "Effective Questioning Skills: How Find out Anything from Anyone"

Interesting and a lot to learn from this course.

Participants for the course: "Data Analytics for Audit and Fraud Investigation"

Fantastic! Worth our trip to fly all the way from Mongolia to attend this course.

Participants from Development Bank of Mongolia
(Course: Data Analytics for Audit and Investigation)

Exceed my expectations! Very interesting case studies and videos. A real eye opener. Lots of material shared, very good.

Member from association of internal audit
(Course: How to Spot Lies)

Very interesting course. It is extremely useful that the CPA association has gotten Kent's course as he is very experienced in this area. There is practical sharing of the theory, good sharing.

Director from SGX listed company
(Course: The Art and Science of Asking Questions)

Trainer is very experienced & knowledgeable. The class is very interactive and enjoyable.

Participants from a government agency
(Course: Best Practice in Managing Procurement Fraud)

Practical training, lots of case studies and sharing.

Member of association of internal audit

Generous sharing and lots of practical insight.

Participants from Touch Community Service
(Course: Setting up Whistle Blowing Program)

I would like to express my sincere thanks & would like to commend you on the exceptional efficiency with which you carried out the fraud investigation training to our personnel on Fraud Investigation in Dubai. Your handling of the training was flawlessly and the method of persuading Afghan civil servants in correct manner speaks volumes about your performance.

Director General Internal Audit, Ministry of Finance, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
(Course: Fraud Detection and Investigation Methodology)

I would like to thank you for an excellent course which show-cased both your deep and broad experience from law enforcement and corporate fraud work. It is uncommon to find a practitioner who is able to share so effectively the techniques and draw very insightful connections on how the techniques work in the real world.

Director (Internal Audit) of a local Polytechnic

Good day once again Jeffery, Great course! The best thing about your courses is that out of the gloominess in the office, it reminds me of standards that have to be set to keep things in a virtuous cycle. Please keep doing what you're doing, I'm sure there's more people who have attended are listening and trying to apply.

Officer in a Government Ministry

The trainer not only delivered but far exceeded our expectation. The interrogation practice that simulate a true case was superb. The whole class was captivated and learn so much from it. Those who took part in the simulation felt the case was realistic and allowed them to apply the techniques learned in the context close to a real life situation.

IA Director of a Fortune 500 Company
(Course: Interviewing Interviewing Technique)

Jeffery is very knowledgeable & shared many real-life cases to illustrate the points. Very enjoyable course!

Workforce Singapore Agency


广州市某贸易有限公司 审计合规中心 集团总裁办主任


北京某房产经纪有限公司 财务部 成本费用会计 (课程:财务舞弊与防范)


某房地产发展股份有限公司 纪检监察部 (舞弊审计与案例分析)


江南某服饰有限公司 内部审计 (课程:大数据下审计数据分析)

The professional training you exhibited was remarkable. We are very happy to have been introduced to such a professional consulting firm, whose services are matchless & would very much be willing to work with you in the future as well.

Director of Compliance of a government agency


某传媒集团有限公司 财务部 费用管理


北京某投资管理有限责任公司 审计部 高级审计经理