Internal Audit & Fraud Investigation Workshops

AXEL Audit Academy is a training and consultation hub specializing in workshops relating to internal auditing, investigation and corporate governance.

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Data Analytics for Audit and Fraud Detection

Want to learn quantitative and contextual data analysis techniques to detect and prevent fraud in the era of Big Data?

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Best Practice in Managing Vendor Fraud

Master the techniques and tools needed to address vendor frauds and procurement lapses.

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Mastering Investigative Interview Techniques

Learn how to conduct interviews to get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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Critical Issues in Commercial Contracts

Want to avoid costly mistakes and know how to negotiate and draft a winning commercial contract?

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Internal Investigation: Practical and Legal Aspects

Suspecting fraud but not sure how to conduct an internal investigation that complies with law and regulations?

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Draft Policies and Contracts that Comply with PDPA

Learn how to ensure your organization is complying with PDPA while drafting policies and contract?

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IT Auditing for Non-IT Auditors

Want to know how to perform IT auditing so that you do not need to rely on IT auditors?

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